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Garage Door Maintenance Tip #1

The first in our series of garage door maintenance tips is about keeping your garage door moving smoothly. Lubrication of Your Door Applying the correct lubricant to your door at the right times is essential. Up & Over doors require silicone spray…

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Why are smart garage doors so popular?

Smart home technology is increasing in size and popularity, with smart TVs, phones, clothes, and kitchen appliances all becoming regularly available. However, did you know that you can also purchase smart garage doors? Let’s take a look at why smart garage doors…

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What’s the Best Garage Door?

When choosing a garage door you need to consider its purpose. What will it be used for? Is it for everyday use? Do you want it to compliment your home? Will you be using it as a workshop or office? These factors…

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What’s behind a garage door?

Garage doors are fast becoming a personal statement, just as important as the flowers in your hanging basket or the colour of your front door. Gone are the days of flimsy steel shutters, powered by concrete weights and heavy chains and cans…

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Garage Door Trends 2020

Garage doors often go unnoticed when it comes to sprucing up a home, mainly due to the fact they aren’t on show and situated at the back of a property or at the end of a garden. Nowadays, the majority of garages…

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