Garage Door FAQs

  • I live near the coast, what's the best garage door for me?

    There are a number of schools of thought when it comes to what the best garage door is for coastal locations and often the most important thing is making sure that you select a garage door that has the correct functionality for you.

    However, the key things that we believe are important for coastal locations.

    • Keep the design of the door as minimalistic as possible
    • Choose a smooth finish, as opposed to something with a grain

    Are roller doors best as they are made of Aluminium?
    Whilst the base material is more resistant to salt corrosion, the shape and curvature of the roller slat means that there is a greater area for salt to collect than on a flat / smooth panel. As such we find that if the roller door isn't washed regularly the salt will still start to eat through the paint.

    Is GRP the best material?
    GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester is the most resistant material to salt.
    However, with a of GRP doors, the boundary of the door which holds the GRP panel in place is still made of steel and this is still exposed to the sea air. Often the Garage Door frame is also visible in the opening and again is susceptible to corrosion from the salt. Our advice again in these situations is to try and minimise the areas where salt can collect and to do this aim for a garage door panel which is as flat and smooth as possible.

    Does any product or manufacture offer any guarantees in Coastal locations?
    Finally some good news, Hörmann have now introduced Premium Plus and are the first major manufacturer to offer a guarantee for products in coastal locations. The Premium Plus upgrade package is available on Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors and comes with the following features.

    • Panel exterior with final coating with painted cut edges
    • Painted door hardware, tracks and connection rails in Grey White RAL 9002
    • Ribbing infill profiles for improved sealing at section transitions and in ribbing area
  • Should I have an insulated garage door?

    Insulated garage doors can prevent heat loss and make better use of your garage even when the weather outside is bad.

    Garages are one of the least energy-efficient parts of your home. Not considered as a living space, we invest time and money into insulating the rest of the house - windows, doors, walls, floors, and so forth - without a thought to the garage.

    Garages often have rooms above or adjacent to them. Many have a door that connects to the house. A cold garage transfers cold air to rooms next to them. A draughty garage door leaks warm air out of the property and allows cool air in.

    What is an insulated garage door?

    An insulated garage door will typically consist of two “skins” with an insulating material between them.

    For example, the Hörmann LPU sectional doors are either 42 mm or 67 mm thick with foam insulation between aluminium or steel skins. Sections have a thermal break and rubber seals on the floor, side and top provide additional wind proofing.

    The benefits of an insulated garage door

    • Energy savings - much depends on the style of your property, but you could be losing as much as 25% of your property’s heat through the garage door if the house has an integrated garage;
    • A vestibule effect - an insulated garage acts as a buffer zone between the heated house and the outside elements;
    • More durable, less noise - a double-skinned garage door is inherently stronger and more durable than a single panel one. Also, the rubber seals and foam insulation make them quieter in operation;
    • Protects your garage contents - a car kept in a garage with an insulated door is less likely to be subject to freezing temperatures and it can prolong the life of everything else you store in the garage;
    • Increases the usability of your garage - lots of us use our garages for plenty of other things other than parking the car. If you use a garage as a hobby room you would benefit from an insulated door.

    Use the U’s - how to choose an insulated garage door

    Insulated garage doors are given a U-rating. This is a measure of insulation. A U-rating takes into account the entire assembly of the door including its frame.

    Lower U numbers indicate greater efficiency. The Hörmann LPU 67 Thermal has a U-value of 0.33 W/ (m²·K) which is the best on the market currently. Compare that with 0.70 W/ (m²·K) for a typical up and over steel garage door.

  • What is a side-hinged garage door?

    As their name suggests, side-hinged doors are traditional-style garage doors that have hinges at the sides. They are also known as swing doors or side opening doors. Below we answer some popular FAQs:

    What are they made of?

    Similar to other garage doors, side-hinged doors are made from common materials such as timber, steel and GRP. However, they have one advantage over up and over doors, which is that they can be made using aluminium and can be insulated.

    How do they open?

    The majority of side-hinged doors open outwards so that they don’t take up space in your garage. To install this kind of garage door, you need to have good outside clearance. If your garage opens onto a public footpath or space, they might not be the best option for you.

    How secure are they?

    The security of side-hinged garage doors depends on the panels and surrounding subframe used. The panels will need to be well constructed, and the subframe should be made from high-quality materials such a hardwood or steel. Side-hinged doors normally have shoot bolts at the top and bottom, a euro barrel lock and key, as well as black lever-style handles on both sides.

    Double-skinned insulated steel doors with three-point locking upgrades from Hormann and Carteck are some of the best in the market. They allow you to incorporate high-tech locking mechanisms of your choice for added security. If you live in an area prone to burglary, these doors would be perfect for you.

    Can they use an electric operator?

    Yes, they can. There are several remote control systems that you can use for side-hinged doors. A hinged door conversion kit, together with a high-quality electric operator, is the most cost-effective way to automate your side-hinged garage doors.

    Are they customisable?

    We stock various colours and styles from some of the best companies in the UK, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

    For more information on side-hinged doors, contact us today and talk to an expert.

  • What is a sectional garage door?

    What are sectional garage doors?

    Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular garage door solutions around. Due to their strength and stability, their use has risen in most parts of the UK. Their architecture is known as the 'sectional' door since it is made up of different sections that open and close vertically.

    Some great features of sectional garage doors include the following;

    A space-saving solution

    The panels of sectional garage doors curve up over the opening and then down into the garage's headroom. Unlike other garage door styles, a sectional door may give maximum drive-through height and width when precisely fitted and defined. This is the perfect solution for garages requiring broad vehicle access or with restricted access parameters.

    Ease of operation

    The sectional garage door's technical architecture varies in particular from that of the Up and Over garage doors. The spring mechanism will ensure a much smoother operation than the traditional Up and Over door, which is specifically useful for wider doors. Sectional garage doors can be operated either manually or electrically, remaining smooth and silent in both cases thanks to outstanding engineering, perfect construction, and high-quality components. Sectional door panels provide safe operation with anti-entrapment layout between parts to avoid finger trapping and various other safety measures that conform to all existing legislation.


    Most sectional doors are double-skinned, with panels of 42 mm to 67 mm thick insulation foam. These parts are made of galvanised steel to offer reliability and endurance. The exceptional and practical construction of a sectional door means that other doors cannot meet the required power and reliability standards that sectional doors can offer.

    Advanced security

    Insulated double-skinned sectional doors provide a high level of security. In combination with a high-quality electrical operator, a sectional door can be tough to break-in, especially without the use of special tools and a lot of noise! They are also made of electrical operators fitted with additional locks in the operator boom, locking the door panels securely at the top and the electric motor.

    Contact us today to find out how sectional garage doors can improve the security and appearance of your garage.

  • Which make of Roller Door Garage is right for me and why?

    On contacting Emsworth Garage Doors you will speak to one of our highly trained team members who will arrange a suitable time for one of the survey or installation team to come and meet you at your home. On arrival we would inspect your garage and subsequently talk you through the main points to consider with each of the roller shutter garage door manufacturers that we supply. We will also advise on fitting details, what’s required from you before we arrive and how and where the control box will be housed and how the door will be operated.

    We bring with us a selection of brochures and samples from the main garage door manufacturers and then look at the criteria that are important to you, which help us choose the best door for your home.

    Key criteria often include:

    • Requirement for standard or compact roller shutter garage door
    • What colour choices the manufacturer offer as standard
    • Do you require a half or full box cover and if so do you require it to be colour matched or just white. Some manufacturers such as SWS Seceuroglide will charge you to colour match the box and the guides, where as others such as Alluguard and Garage Door Systems will not.
    • What control system is best suited to your needs and are you looking for your garage door to link in with any other smart home technology within your home
    • Warranty periods offered by each manufacturer
    • Lead times between order and installation of new roller shutter garage door. These can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

  • What happens when my garage door goes wrong?

    If you've had your garage door installed by Emsworth Garage Doors and it goes wrong then the first port of call is the door label which we've had specially made for your door. It will be located on the back of the door, or on the control box of your roller shutter.

    The label contains some basic tips on maintenance, so the first port of call is to check if it's something simple that can be explained by the label. If not, then don't panic, our contact information is also on the label and all you need to do is call the office.

    We will then arrange for a member of the team to pop out and diagnose the problem for you. As warranty engineers for all of the manufacturers that we offer, we carry a wide range of spare parts and can often sort out the problem immediately. If a part has to be ordered, then we will liaise directly with the manufacturer and get your door working again as quickly as possible.

    What if I've done something silly?

    After installation the team give you a full demonstration of how to safely and reliably operate the door but on occasions things can go wrong. If this happens, simply give the office a call and we will arrange for a member of the team to pop out, rectify the issue and show you what you did wrong. Hopefully this prevents a recurrence of the same issue in the future.

  • Why is my garage door noisy?

    A garage door is an extremely practical home feature, but when it becomes noisy, it can be a nuisance. From waking your neighbours at night with loud banging and rattling sounds to operating inefficiently, a noisy garage door can irritate everyone in its vicinity. Fortunately, you can make your garage door quieter, but first, you’ll need to identify what’s causing the noise.

    To help you get started, here are some common causes of noisy garage doors.

    1. Worn out rollers

    Generally, garage doors are durable but not indestructible. Over time, parts such as rollers and hinges wear out, resulting in unpleasant squeaking and squealing sounds. If your garage door is old, it could have worn out rollers that need to be replaced.

    2. Poor lubrication

    If your garage door makes rattling sounds, poor lubrication might be the cause. Garage doors have many moving parts, from springs and nuts to hinges and bolts. These parts need frequent lubrication to prevent them from grinding against each other when your garage door opens and closes.

    3. Loose nuts and bolts

    Garage door nuts, bolts, and screws become loose over time, especially if you open and close your garage several times throughout the day. This causes vibrating and rumbling sounds that, if left ignored, can turn into a loud garage door.

    Loose nuts and bolts can also be quite dangerous when ignored as they can come off and cause your garage door to slam shut. It’s wise to pay extra attention to any missing screws or nuts in your garage to ensure every metal part is intact.

    4. Improper installation

    Proper garage door installation ensures your garage door opens and closes smoothly and works efficiently in the long run. Unfortunately, many homeowners prefer getting cheap installation services from amateurs and inexperienced companies to save money.

    Fixing a noisy garage door

    Your best bet at fixing a noisy garage door is hiring an expert such as Emsworth Garage Doors. They have the experience and knowledge required to repair and replace garage doors and offer quality services.

    If you’re in Southern Hampshire and West Sussex, contact us today for more information about our services.

  • What is causing my remote controlled garage door to not work?

    It can be frustrating at the end of a long day to return home and pull up on the driveway only to discover nothing happens when you press the remote button to open the garage. It’s even more vexing if it's a regular occurrence.

    The range of a garage door remote can be affected by a number of factors. Radiofrequency, antenna position and interference all determine signal strength. The issue can be intermittent, the remote can fail at different times and the range can reduce with time.

    What is the typical range for a garage door remote?

    Most garage doors are designed to be remotely operated from a distance of around 50 feet. That’s the equivalent of four to five car lengths. It is considered a safe range so that the door cannot be opened accidentally when you drive away from your home.

    What causes a garage door opener to stop working?

    The two most common reasons for a garage door remote to stop working are dead batteries and electrical interference. The former is relatively easy to remedy but identifying the source of electrical interference can be a little trickier.

    There are many things that can cause electrical interference, but these are the most common:

    • TV cabling
    • Fluorescent and LED light bulbs
    • Battery chargers
    • Fridge freezers
    • Alarm systems

    Even subtle changes in the electrical layout of your house, or that of your neighbour's, can decrease the garage door remote control signal. If you or someone else has installed a new electrical appliance and you start experiencing garage opener problems, chances are it will be the device causing the issue.

    You can also experience interference if you live near a site that broadcasts a lot of radio signals. This includes some types of businesses, airports, prisons, and phone and radio towers.

    Adjust the remote control frequency

    Older models of garage door openers generally operate at a frequency of 390 Mhz, which is open to high levels of interference.

    Newer models experience less interference, using twin or tri-band frequencies. If your garage door is relatively old and is experiencing problems, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Remote control systems naturally wear out with time.

    Finally, it can also be worth investing in a stronger, universal remote control, or you can consider an antenna booster.

    If you cannot identify a cause and are still experiencing problems with your remote controlled garage door, then contact our friendly and experienced team and we can help you find a solution.

  • How long will my garage door last?

    New garage doors can be a big investment. Whether it's for their improved looks or functionality, or to help increase the value and desirability of your home, you want them to last as long as possible. After your garage door fitting has been completed, how much usable life can you expect from your garage doors?

    The average garage door lifespan

    Generally, we estimate our garage doors will have a usable life of anywhere between fifteen and thirty years. It's impossible to make accurate predictions, but roughly two decades is a reasonable estimate.

    What kind of things affect longevity?

    No two garage doors live the same life, which makes it difficult to accurately determine how long they'll last. For example, if you use your garage doors several times a day, the internal components of the motors and fixings will likely begin to wear much faster than with someone who only uses their garage door twice a week.

    Similarly, weather can have a big impact too. If you live somewhere that usually has mild and calm weather, your garage doors will last a lot longer than they would if you lived somewhere prone to strong storms. Your garage doors, depending on their location, can often bear the brunt of storm damage which may lessen their lifespan.

    As with many things, you should anticipate wear and tear to gradually take their toll on your garage doors. But with considerate usage and care, you can reasonably expect well over a decade of use.

    Checking your garage door condition

    Regular check-ups of your garage doors can help you keep them in the best possible condition. If you notice minor faults developing, it's better to get them rectified as soon as possible. All garage doors supplied by Emsworth Garage Doors come with an extensive warranty, so make sure you know what's covered by your garage door's warranty. If you notice any defects or your garage doors aren't working as they should, contact us to help you rectify them.

    With the right treatment, care, and gentle usage, you will get years of reliable use from your garage doors. Browse the range available at Emsworth Garage Doors today.

  • Will a new garage door increase the value of my home?

    In terms of home improvements, a new garage door provides some of the best returns on investment available. A 2018 study by Remodeling magazine suggests that upgrading a garage door yields a 98.3% return on investment.

    With average house prices in the Southeast of England sitting at over £340,000, upgrading your garage door represents one of the most reliable ways to add extra value to your property.

    If we dig a little deeper, it's easy to understand why a new garage door installation would be valued so highly by prospective home buyers.

    Here are 3 reasons why new garage doors give you such great bang for your buck:

    1. Kerb appeal
      You only get one chance to make a first impression. When house hunters arrive at a property viewing, some of them will decide it's a "No" before they even set foot inside. Garage doors aren't small and they play a big part in making your property attractive. A stylish garage door can be a huge benefit in giving your home that "Wow" factor that puts some extra pounds on the asking price.
    2. Better energy efficiency
      Newer garage doors are lightyears ahead of those thin, rusty contraptions of yesteryear. Crafted from the finest materials, modern garage doors benefit from advanced insulation technology and are therefore far more energy-efficient than those of the past. With energy bills sky-rocketing, this is a huge consideration for house-hunters. Lower heating bills are also something you can benefit from in the meantime, so this is a double win.
    3. Increased security
      If you plan on storing an expensive car or equipment in a garage, you need to trust that it will be secure. Seeing a modern, professionally-installed garage door will give house hunters peace of mind that a garage is safe from intruders. While older garage doors are susceptible to burglaries, those provided by Emsworth Garage Doors have the very best security features, leaving owners safe in the knowledge that their belongings are well-protected.

    If you're ready to make a wise investment into your home, contact us at Emsworth Garage Doors. Our expert and experienced team will be happy to give you the all guidance and expertise you need.

  • Do all your garages doors come with security?

    We understand that security is at the forefront of your mind when choosing which garage door you'd like for your home. We have a wide range of garage doors available, and can guide you on the best doors for your needs, including doors with security accreditations.

    We offer a selection of access controls for your garage doors depending on the type you go for. These include, fingerprint recognition keypads and external number keypads.

    We also have available 'SMART HOME' an innovative selection of surveillance and control products that will give you peace of mind when it comes to security for your home.


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