Your home is your safe haven, and if you have family or children living with you, you want to do everything you can to protect them. But your house is only as safe as the weakest entry point, and the garage can be an easy entrance point for burglars.

If you want to make your garage door more secure, here are some ways you can add a layer of protection to your home:

Install smart home surveillance

If you regularly spend time away from your home and want to ensure that you can always check and make sure that your house is safe, consider investing in smart surveillance devices that you can control from your phone. Examples of this include doorbells that you can answer via an app, surveillance cameras and other smart devices that can allow you to monitor your garage at all times. Therefore, if you are on holiday or away from home, you can always have peace of mind.

Install a keypad

A keypad offers extra protection by ensuring that no one can enter your garage without the passcode. This way, even if burglars try and get in manually, the keypad will prevent them from entering, and some can even lock the garage completely if the wrong password is put in multiple times.

For an extra layer of security, why not invest in a fingerprint keypad? This biometric system will only allow people to enter if they have an assigned thumbprint. Better yet, this system cannot be hacked into as it relies on biometrics which cannot be guessed at or broken into.

Install floodlights

One easy way to ensure that you always know about any suspicious movement outside is to install motion-detecting floodlights. If any movement occurs during the night, the floodlight will light up and you will be able to check outside for burglars or other suspicious activity.

Secure your garage door today

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