For most, a garage is where you park your car at the end of the day or leave everything you don’t use enough to pile up. It’s not an area we associate with looking neat and tidy or dare we say it, cool.

If you’ve had enough of stepping over tools or moving bikes out the way to get to your car door, it’s time to make the change. Below are our top tips on how to give your garage a makeover and keep it tidy.

Give it a facelift

First, you want to make it look appealing and bring it into the modern world. A lick of paint on the inside and one of the many modern garage doors available will transform the area. Think light shades, as garages are often dark spaces, but they don’t need to be. You want to enjoy this room from now on, so make it somewhere pleasant to be.

Make use of wall space

Instead of leaving everything leaned up on the side or in a pile, use the entire wall space. Measure your bikes and put up hooks to hang them from. Make use of shelves and put other pegs and places to hang everything else. Vertical bins with labels are a great way of keeping track of where everything is. You’ll save so much space doing this, and it’ll look organised.

Create stations

If you’ve got a green thumb, put in a nice bench where you work with your potted plants to avoid making a mess. Add drawers for small tools and hang the rakes and brooms from the wall behind it. The same goes for the DIY inclined. Get your bench and organise tools inside and out. You can even add an office out here if you want some peace as you work.

Put up a pantry

A lot of homes don’t have enough space for a decent-sized pantry. If you love to buy in bulk or are running out of room, a few shelves or a cupboard to store food and drink in is a great idea. It’ll stay cool, too.

These are just a few ideas, and the list goes on. Use them as inspiration to turn your garage into an enjoyable place to be.