When you have a detached garage, keeping it as warm as possible is a necessity. A cold garage could harm your vehicle and make your time in the garage, even as a hobby space, less pleasant. Read on to find out some ways you can keep your garage as warm as possible through the winter months.

Insulated garage door

Garage door installation is an excellent method of keeping more heat in your garage. Your current garage doors could be a significant source of heat loss, with the edges of the doors letting some of the heat escape, and even the door itself could have a material that doesn’t insulate as much energy as possible. By going through the garage door fitting process, you get a door that is more secure for both the contents of your garage and the heat in your detached outbuilding.

Double-glazed windows

If your garage has windows, consider installing double-glazing. Installing double-glazing means that there is not only another layer of glass holding the temperature in, but a hermetically sealed layer of air that further holds the building’s temperature on the inside of the building. Also, ensure that your windows are completely sealed. It’s no good having double glazing for your windows if you are letting the heat out of the building with an open window.

Wall and roof insulation

The final step in ensuring that a detached garage is warm is by insulating wall cavities and insulating the ceiling. The insulation on the garage ensures that there is no risk of losing heat through these sources, with high-end insulation saving up to 25% of your total energy bill by preventing heat from getting out. Some outbuildings also fall into disrepair, so put time into inspecting the structure and ensuring that all of the brickwork is as secure as it needs to be.

Try Emsworth Garage Doors

If you’re interested in insulating your garage as much as possible, get in touch with Emsworth Garage Doors. We offer a range of garage doors that can keep your property warm throughout the winter months whilst improving your home’s look with a garage door designed to your needs.