As of September 2022, Teckentrup will be increasing their pricing across the range. Due to cost pressures on materials, energy and transport, they are now having to raise prices. Effective from September 1st, 2022, the increase will be 5% across all products.

Teckentrup in Germany and Warrington are both family-owned businesses. With over 14 years in business, they have learnt that happy customers equal success for Teckentrup, and so price rises are not taken lightly. 

Despite uncertainty in the industry, lead times have not changed. Due to investment in their facilities, Teckentrup are pitching a 3 week lead time for sectional doors. This increases to 6 weeks for non-stock panels, Trend colours, GSA Vision, SLX Vision, and Supersize doors.

Side-hinged doors are at 12 week lead time, however they are working hard to develop more efficient means of production.