We are all too aware of the quite dramatic cost increases in building products, driven by steep increases in raw materials as worldwide demand has accelerated this year. Steel prices are now at record highs and we have seen increases ranging from 60 to 108% on sections over the last 12 months. Added to this, the industry is being squeezed by supply issues.

Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, Hörmann and Garador have announced a steel surcharge on their doors. Starting from the 12th July 2021, Hörmann Up & Over and Garador garage doors will have the following steel surcharge cost:

Steel Single Leaf        £20.00

Steel Double Leaf       £40.00

This surcharge is under constant review and can be amended or even removed where appropriate.

Should you have any queries on the above, then please contact Emsworth Garage Doors. Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.