personnel garage door installed to modern white garage

A personnel garage door basically a standalone door that allows ready access to your garage space without needing to open the entire garage door itself. Many people choose to add these convenient doors to their home garage set-up to maximise the benefit of a functional garage. Some of the benefits of personnel garage doors include:

1. Convenience

A personnel door gives you easy access to your garage space, without the time, hassle or effort needed to manually or electronically manoeuvre the large main garage door itself. The personnel door offers quick access in a moment, with an easy entry point that is as simple as walking through an external door. After all, if you have a fridge or laundry appliances in your garage, you want to have easy access to them.

2. Security

Personnel doors are also highly secure. They are made from timber, steel, or aluminium and fitted with heavy-duty hinges for strength and resilience. Our range includes steel, timber and composite doors made from the highest quality materials. We also offer a range of excellent locking systems to suit every need.

3. Insulation

Their high-quality specification also means that personnel doors are naturally designed to insulate the garage space and maintain the internal temperature. If your garage is currently struggling to maintain its temperature, the right garage doors – with professional installation – can make a real difference to the warmth of your garage, and home.

4. Style

Personnel garage doors can also be custom-made to match your existing garage door design and to sit within your overall external house design for the best possible appearance and functional finish. They are a great solution for adding usability to your garage and value to your home.

Why choose Emsworth Garage Doors?

We are the trusted experts in the field of garage doors, including personnel garage doors, and our team is here to help you achieve the perfect finish. We can fit all kinds of different garage doors and accessories and we provide free advice and guidance on the right type of garage door for your needs.

A new garage door and accompanying personnel door will allow you to use your garage to its fullest potential – safely and securely, whilst adding to the overall look and feel of your home. After all, nothing looks smarter than a slick, stylish garage door!

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