AlluGuard introduce a new an improved External Override for their range of roller shutter garage doors, including the AlluGuard 77 and AlluGuard 55 roller shutter garage doors.

The external override is used in situations where customers do not have an alternative access route into the garage and therefore require a failsafe to use in the event of a power failure.

AlluGuard state that the new system is flexible and simple to install for installation through the guide and also for installation through the wall, which was previously the only open available to the installation team at Emsworth Garage Doors.

Each New AlluGuard Improved External Override kit contains the components for both types of roller shutter garage door installation, which includes a locking barrel, supplied with two keys. The key is used to secure the external access point of the roller shutter.

AlluGuard state that stock of the new External override will be available from the middle of February 2022 on orders of both models, the AlluGuard 77 Roller shutter and the AlluGuard 55 roller shutter.

AlluGuard are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of residential roller shutter garage doors. These doors are available in two sizes.

  • The AlluGuard 77 is a double skinned aluminium door curtain which is 14mm thick and filled with a foam insulation. The AlluGuard 77 rolls into a 300mm box and can be installation in between or on the back of your garage opening.
  • The AlluGuard 55 is a compact “space saving” roller shutter garage door. Also built of a double skinned aluminium section with foam infill but this time only 6mm thick, meaning that the AlluGuard 55 rolls up into a 205mm box and is therefore much better suited to installation in between the garage opening.

Both doors are available in a range of standard painted colours and also the hardwearing UV resistant laminate foil finishes.

Relax that you’ve got the best motor and control systems available, as both the AlluGuard 77 and AlluGuard 55 come with Somfy motors and the Somfy Rollixo RTS control system, complete with 2 Keygo handsets, internal controls and a built in alarm.

If you’re into your tech and you want your garage door linked into your smarthome system, then an AlluGuard roller shutter with Somfy controls is compatible with most systems by adding the Tahoma system to your door.