GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) garage doors are an excellent choice for their durability, long service life, security, aesthetics and low maintenance requirements. GRP doors are the go-to option for people who live in certain areas of the UK due to their excellence in withstanding harsh weather conditions. That means no matter where you live, GRP is a fantastic material for anyone seeking a high-performance garage door.

GRP is better known as fibreglass to most of us and it is a material that does not warp, rust or rot. It is lightweight and because of the elegant natural-looking woodgrain finishes available, GRP garage doors are well-suited to both modern and period properties.

GRP garage doors are the perfect choice for the Great British weather

With extreme weather and winter storms now seemingly a fixture on the weather calendar of the UK, GRP is increasingly the material best suited to stand up to everything our climate has to throw at us. GRP has a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel and it does not contract and expand with sudden changes in temperature like timber does.

As fibreglass does not corrode, GRP garage doors are also the best option for people who live in coastal areas with salty sea air where a steel or wood choice would endure a shortened lifespan.

Attractive designs and low maintenance

GRP doors with a woodgrain matte finish offer the appearance of timber but with a fraction of the upkeep required. In fact, a periodic wipe down to keep the door clean is usually all that is required from a maintenance perspective. You can even paint a GRP garage door should you wish to give it a refresh after a few years. You will need to prime it first though.

Garage doors made from GRP are able to better withstand knocks and blows better than timber ones. A hefty bang to a steel door will usually result in a permanent dent but fibreglass has far greater impact resistance.

Best garage doors for those on a budget

Though GRP garage doors offer premium performance and looks, they are the best option for keeping costs down. Fibreglass is generally cheaper than wood and depending on the design will usually be competitive in price terms with steel. The long-lasting nature of GRP doors, coupled with their compelling whole-life benefits, make them a very cost-effective choice.

Emsworth Garage Doors for GRP garage doors

Here at Emsworth Garage Doors, we offer both side-hinged and up-and-over garage doors from the Garador panel range. Get in touch to find out more, especially if you’re still wondering whether a GRP garage door is the right choice for your home, your location and your needs.