Wooden garage doors, as opposed to metal or plastic, give your property a timeless look. Wood garage doors are also highly versatile, and easy to recolour if you’re revamping your property or if you’re looking to match your garage with a new front door.

Wooden garage doors are thick, sturdy and highly secure, and forgiving against accidental impacts. Best of all, they’re available with full remote automation, just like plastic or metal garage doors – and they can be fitted with a choice of mechanisms to suit your needs.

Bear in mind that wooden garage doors come with a bigger price tag, and require more maintenance than metal or plastic. However, with their natural good looks, timeless appeal and with proper upkeep, they can easily beautify your property for over 30 years.

Up-and-over wooden garage doors

The classic wood garage door is what’s known as an up-and-over. This is a single-piece door which opens outwards and locks in parallel with the garage ceiling, with either a canopy or retractable design. Timber up-and-over garage doors are available in a panel construction or as one solid piece of wood, and give your property a beautiful, traditional aesthetic, especially when set against surrounding trees and natural stone.

Side-hinged wooden garage doors

Another timeless look for wooden garage doors is a side-hinged opening. This double-door construction is ideal if you often walk between your garage, garden and driveway, and absolutely perfect if you need more ceiling space for hanging storage. If door-opening space onto the driveway isn’t a concern, or if you need your garage to serve as more than just a home for the car, then this could be your ideal multi-purpose garage door.

Sectional wooden garage doors

Among the most popular types of garage door, 4-panel sectionals open straight up vertically and retract fully parallel against the garage ceiling – meaning that you can drive right up close to your garage door, open it remotely, and park up in seconds. This type of timber garage door is absolutely ideal for driveways with limited space, and also gives you an optimal weatherproof seal – since each of the four hinged panels carries a seal along all four sides.

Why choose Emsworth Garage Doors for your wood garage doors?

As a small family-run business, Emsworth Garage Doors has focussed on world-class quality and five-star customer service for more than 20 successful years. Working throughout Southern Hampshire and West Sussex, we specialise in the very best metal, plastic and wooden garage doors along with expert garage door fitting, maintenance and installation.

Our timber garage doors are available in a wide range of hardwood species and finishes to suit your property perfectly, and manufactured by leading brands with solid reputations for quality.