Hörmann RollMatic T Garage Door has now passed the first stage in Secured by Design accreditation after undergoing stringent security and safety tests to ensure they have been manufactured and designed with the security of the customer in mind.

Secured by design, or SBD is a security standard that is endorsed by the UK Police Service aiming to enhance security measures for your home. SBD recognises and promotes products of the highest quality that have been designed to pre-defined standards of security performance. Secured by Design is the police crime prevention initiative, so the RollMatic T which has now been rewarded with the Secured by Design are recognised as the ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

If a secure garage door is what you are after, then choosing a garage door that has been accredited with a security rating will give you peace of mind knowing whatever you are storing in your garage is protected. Being the police preferred specification, Secured by Design is also approved by insurance, meaning you may see a reduction in your insurance premium with your garage door being more secure.

Hörmann RollMatic T is made to measure so it will suit any garage size opening perfectly. With the shutter door originally designed to be rear mounted on the back of your reveal, the Hörmann RollMatic T will give a seamless appearance from the front with only the curtain on show. It is equipped with a spiral cable closing edge safety device, a reliable safety cut-out system that securely stops the door if it senses an obstacle.