If you’re having problems with your garage door, you might be assessing the varying benefits and costs of either having it repaired or replaced altogether. There are a number of factors you should consider before proceeding with either decision.

Emsworth Garage Doors have put together this guide that will cover when you should repair or replace a garage door.

It’s important not to ignore even small problems with your garage door

Minor faults with your garage door might include an unusual noise or just a slower opening or closing than usual. If this should happen, get in touch with Emsworth Garage Door for a repair technician. These are better to be repaired than replaced and can be sorted quickly. However, ignoring the problem will often lead to further and more expensive damage.

Electrical and mechanical failures are an urgent issue

Any faults with electrics or mechanics could indicate twisted or severed wires. Without appropriate action, this could lead to serious injury or even shock injuries. Contact a licensed engineer immediately if you suspect that your garage door might have an electrical or mechanical failure.

A broken cable is a mechanical fault that can cause your garage door to close without warning and is the cause of many injuries in the UK to do with garage doors. Additionally, where garage doors are fitted with electrical operating systems, if a cable becomes severed, bare wires could cause lasting damage to users. These can often be repaired, though.

When to replace a garage door

At Emsworth Garage Doors, we will always prioritise repairing your door before considering a replacement. Not only does this save on waste but it will save you money, too. However, sometimes there are situations where the safest and most practical solution is a replacement. We will always factor you into the decision and keep you up-to-date about our assessments.

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