Hörmann UK have announced the new RollMatic 2! This roller garage door has been developed to specifically address a common industry-wide problem of scratching on roller doors.

Main new features of the RollMatic 2

  • The Durabelt system is design to provide cushioning as the door curtain rolls up, helping to significantly reduce the risk of marking or scratching
  • Using a reed switch to stop the curtain electrically at the fully open position means they’ve minimised lath-on-lath damage from mechanical resistance
  • Using material technology to help minimise lath-on-lath contact means the door is noticeably quieter when both opening and closing

Using material technology originally developed for the automotive market, Hörmann have added their unique Durabelt system which provides cushioning as the door curtain rolls up. Located within the barrel, Durabelt consists of a tape-like material which sits between the inner and outer face of the curtain and helps to reduce the risk of marking or scratching due to grit or other foreign objects.

RollMatic 2 details

Featuring a 77mm lath, RollMatic 2 is available as either internal or external roller options. It is available in heights from 1600mm to 3100mm and widths from 1000mm to 6000mm. RollMatic 2 is also supplied with Hörmann BlueSecur Bluetooth automation as standard, recognising the growth within the end consumer market for home automation accessed via a smartphone. It goes without saying that two industry leading hand transmitters, using the modern BiSecur encryption technology are always on-hand should you need another alternative to activating your door.

Available in Traffic white and 13 RAL colours as well as Chartwell Green and Noir Sable (Anthracite Metallic), RollMatic 2 also comes in two Decopaint and Decograin timber design options enabling installers to offer end consumers ample choice when personalising their garage door to match the design and style of their home.

The Hörmann RollMatic 2 will be available from 1st June 2022.