When you’re undertaking a garage conversion, you often know what you want to achieve in the space ahead of time. For example, if you’re hoping to turn it into a home gym, you’ll have already thought about changing the flooring to handle the rigours of your equipment. However, people rarely consider the garage door. Find out more about the factors you need to consider when picking a new garage door.

Consider colour

Although a purely aesthetic decision, choosing the right colour and design for your garage door is an essential part of its final look and feel. Having a red interior design scheme but a green door will be overwhelming and make the space very uninviting. This can be distracting and means that your space feels far more inconsistent than it did before. Picking a suitable colour means that you’ll enjoy your time in the garage more without being distracted by small design features.

The right material

Depending on the use of your garage, having the right materials can make the difference between an effective garage door and one which struggles to keep in the heat. For example, using the garage as a home for pets and small mammals such as rabbits means that a material such as GRP that actively protects from the elements and keeps your garage warm and comfortable is essential.

Opening mechanism

Finally, garage doors have a wide range of opening methods. Depending on how you intend to use your garage and the type of roof it has, making the right decision between an up and over garage door and a more segmented option will be key. Choosing the right door in the first instance not only means cheaper and easier installation, but it ensures you’ll actually use your garage for years to come. Look into the options available to you or talk to an expert to pick out the best type of door available.

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