Hörmann is one of our biggest garage door manufacturers, and here at Emsworth Garage Doors we’d like to give you peace of mind that no matter the outcome of a Brexit deal at the start of 2021, we’ll be well equipped to keep fitting your garage doors, with no break in the supply chain.

Hörmann have released a statement about their UK operations, which is shown below:

“The 1st of January is fast approaching and Hörmann UK would like to update you on steps already taken to ensure that we are best placed to serve you, deal or no deal.

Whatever the outcome, Hörmann UK has put in place all necessary administrative processes and checks to ensure that our products will comply with the new customs regime.

Working closely with our haulage partners, we are confident that we have sufficient resources in place to ensure continued supplies. We do anticipate initial delays at the UK ports and as a precaution we have invested in £1.5 million worth of additional stock, both here in Coalville and a secondary warehouse.

It is also worth noting that all of the Hörmann factories have maintained full production throughout this pandemic. What is not clear currently, is the possible effect of tariffs in the event of a No Deal.

All Hörmann products that currently carries the CE norm, will automatically qualify for the new UKCA norm. We are working hard to ensure that all necessary certification is in place for the 1st January 2021 deadline.”

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss a Hörmann garage door, or if you are thinking of getting a new garage door at the start of next year.