Hormann are Europes leading manufacturer of garage doors and now they’ve released the latest range of motors, the Hormann Series 4 operators.

The most important new features of the Hormann Series 4 operators include:
•Energy-efficient LED lighting for bright, even garage illumination
•Low power consumption of less than 1 watt in stand-by mode, which is on the whole range, including Promatic and Supramatic
•Integrated Bluetooth receiver (which can be turned on and off) for controlling the operator using the on a smartphone called the BlueSecur app. This is only available on the Supramatic range, not the Promatic.
•HCP interface to connect accessories or external SmartHome systems
•Increased operating speeds. Up to 40% increase on the Promatic 4  and 75% increase on the Supramatic.
•A new 3rd opening height for your garage door, specifically designed as a “Ventilation” setting
•A change to the hand held controls that were offer. Hormann series 4 operators now offer the HSE 4 for Supramatic E/P 4 instead of the HS 5
•Photocell EL 101 omitted for Supramatic P 4

Hormann operators have long been considered some of the best automation options within the garage door industry. They can be used to automate a range of garage door types including;

Sectional Garage Doors these are available as single skin steel garage doors or insulated garage doors with thicknesses of 42mm or 67mm availalbe.

Up & Over Garage Doors are the most common in the UK and come as either a Canopy or Retractable.

-Side Hinged Garage Doors its a common misconception that these doors cannot be automated, as with the additional of Hormann’s unique scissor gear they to are an automated garage door option.

So if your considering automating your garage door give one of the team at Emsworth Garage Doors a call and ask all about the new Hormann Series 4 operators.