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Top tips to keep thieves out of your garage

After doors and windows, a garage is the next popular entrance a burglar will use to gain access to your home. People tend to forget about the garage when securing their home, and yet if your garage has interconnecting access into the house it’s as important as securing your doors and windows.

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How to pick the right garage door for your needs

Find out more about the factors you need to consider when picking a new garage door.

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Garage conversion ideas

A garage conversion is simply adding living space to your garage by creating rooms that blend seamlessly with the existing house.

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Is it better to repair or replace a garage door?

If you’re having problems with your garage door, you might be deciding benefits and costs of either having it repaired or replaced altogether.

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How to make your garage door more secure

Your home is your safe haven, and if you have family or children living with you, you want to do everything you can to protect them. But your house is only as safe as the weakest entry point, and the garage can be an easy entrance point for burglars.

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